Trees under attack in Queen Square, Bath.

By on Mar 8, 2014

One of our Committee members Terry Basson, is most concerned about the trees which are under attack in Queen Square  & was interviewed on 7th March – click on address below for the live interview.


See 9th March & 10th Marcch

Posted on March 10, 2014• Posted in historyLeave a commentQueen Square going to the dogs.

Queen Square going to the dogs.

Posted on March 10, 2014• Posted in historyLeave a comment
It can now be confirmed that it is dogs doing the damage to many of the trees growing within Bath’s historic Queen Square – John Wood the Elder’s first large-scale urban venture in what was to become the upper town.

Despite attempts to put temporary fencing around the trunks – this has been torn aside so the bark can continue to be destroyed.

Recent evidence of damage to a tree in Queen Square.

Recent evidence of damage to a tree in Queen Square.
The Virtual Museum has been told witnesses have now seen dogs – with their owners present – doing the damage.

The police have been informed about what is an on-going issue and have said they will increase patrols in that area.


The wire has been pushed to one side and has not stopped further damage.

The wire has been pushed to one side and has not stopped further damage.
Mark Cassidy who is the Aboricultural Officer for B&NES told the VM:

‘I have requested more visual dog warden patrols from B&NES staff…. and am planning some temporary protection to be installed for today or tomorrow.

I am also trying to get some discussion with the police so that l can get a sign at the entrance with a police number that members of the public can call if it happens while they are present.’

Mark says he is looking into the costs of permanent guards for the trees – many of which are being seriously damaged – but that will obviously have to be budgeted for.

This problem was raised by Bath resident Terry Basson. You can view an interview with him elsewhere on the Virtual Museum site.

Update 12th March -Terry Basson has received a supportive letter from Don Foster MP for Bath.


  1. Martin GUEST

    March 8, 2014

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    Yes – I totally agree with Terry Basson. Trees are vitally important in our towns and cities. It would seem that welded steel guards are the best solution and the B&NES Parks Department should start this as soon as possible.

  2. terry Basson

    March 10, 2014

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    Well our Guest Martin holds out a slim hope to our suffering trees – but the trees —- don’t need to know!

    Ink spots

  3. Fiona

    July 13, 2014

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    I have witnessed a particular dog damaging the trees on a couple of occasions. I phone BANES, they couldn’t advise but to give me the number for the dog warden, on phoning, the warden was on leave and nobody was able to advise. I found this deeply frustrating. The next time I saw the same two men in Queen Sq with the dog again chewing the trees I told them to put the dog on a lead, they said it wasn’t their dog and to eff off. I took a photo from the distance and one of the men threatened me. I tried BANES again and was put through various routes, they couldn’t “put me through” and gave me the number for the dog warden and it was wrong and I would have had to go through the whole process again, while shaken and using a mobile phone. I have seen no sign in Queen Sq with the number for the dog warden, though I may have missed it. There is a sign for such in Henrietta Park where similar damage was being done. I don’t think BANES are doing enough.

    • Hilary Elms

      July 15, 2014

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      Terry Basson, has received the following reply from Mark Cassidy, regarding this particular incident, & we place it here for all those who might need this additional informatin.
      Dear all,
      Yes I agree it is frustrating especially as the Dog Wardens say they are not tasked with dealing with type of thing (they deal with fouling and stray dogs). Ultimately this issue is criminal damage and the police will attend to it (as Terry says the police know the offender and it appears may need to re-visit him – I will pass this info on to them today). Also pls take this tel no for Bath Police Station (01225 842504) as is their direct no and will save time in future.
      For info, Queen Square is set for a re-vamp and I feel this will reduce anti-social behaviour.
      To explain, the top area of the square is where the drunks and other ‘types’ congregate, this area is rather secluded/shady and not attractive to ordinary users. This area is away from the sole entrance and the milling around of ordinary users/tourists. The works (starting this autumn) will see 2 side gates being opened into the park, all the paths tidied up/re gravelled and to complement this I will carry out some tree works (if it can be afforded the lawns will be top-dressed and re-seeded too).
      The works are planned to re-establish the very formal nature of a Georgian square and better link the square to the buildings that surround it. With regard to the trees I plan to remove 1 tree (a species inappropriate to the period) and a few small dead ones, I also plan to crown lift the trees to create better visibility of the square and peep views of the outer buildings – this will make the upper area much more light and far less hidden. Along with the side gates, the better use I am sure will dis-courage these people from congregating here.
      I will pass on the initial info to the police.
      Many thanks.
      Mark Cassidy
      Arboricultural Officer
      Parks and Green Spaces Dept
      Environmental Services
      Bath and North East Somerset Council

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