Mourning the Loss of Treve Erdmenger, Chair of the AGS in Braunschweig.

By on Nov 5, 2015

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Brunswick.  Unexpedtedly for her friends and family,  Treve Erdmenger, Chair of the Anglo-German Society in Brunswick, has died.    As the deputy Chairman of the AGS, Barbara Heck announced, that Treve Erdmenger had led the Society for more than thirty years, “with extraordinary skill and organised evening meetings of great variety.”   The AGS will try to continue to offer a programme in the spirit of Frau Erdmenger.

Born in New Zealand,  Treve Erdmenger met her husband in Australia, and then accompanied him back to Germany.   Brunswick became the new home for the family with two sons.   Treve Erdmenger taught in adult education, English and French at the BBS V, a secondary school, and was involved in a variety of groups, and organised group outings.

She will me much missed by friends

Two Countries, Twin Flags

Two Countries, Twin Flags

in Bath and Braunschweig who knew her well.