ChatterBox / Schnattermaul

Willkommen zu unserem Chatroom!

  • How to use the ChatterBox…

    Some guidance notes on how to get the best out of your ChatterBox: If you'd like others to know you by a 'name', simply 'click' into the little box above the text editor box where you write your message, delete the label 'Guest_number' and type in your chosen name - mine is 'Bath'. Members who have 'Registered' on the website can login first (find where you can Register, Login at the foot of the home page) and when you're logged in your name will appear automatically when you enter ChatterBox.
    If you'd like to invite another person in ChatterBox to a 'Private Chat' - 'click' on their 'name' - or 'Guest_number' - and as long as they're still here, they'll receive an invitation on their own computer screen.If they accept, you'll each see a new smaller window appear on your screen where you can see each others' texts privately - no onlookers (No mischief.... oh, go on then)
    Enjoy sharing!
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