BBTA Newsletter No 3.

By on Nov 9, 2015

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Two Countries, Twin Flags

Two Countries, Twin Flags

Bath – Braunschweig
Twinning Association
No 3 August 2015
In This Issue
Monthly meetings
Footprint Appeal
BBTA Annual Dinner
Book from Braunschweig
Petanque in Bath
What’s on in Braunschweig
40 years ago….
Did you know?
Individual exchanges

Monthly meetings are held in the Mayor’s Parlour in the Guildhall in Bath
Next meetings:
   Friday 11   Sep              2 pm
   Friday 2    Oct              2 pm
   Friday 6    Nov              2 pm
To join, contact:
Hilary Elms, Secretary BBTA
208, Old Frome Rd
01225 837790
Quick Links

Our AGM was held on 26 June 2015 in the Council Chamber and was attended by 13 members.
Officers elected were:
Chairman: Bryan Chalker
Vice Chairman: Don Withers
Treasurer: Tony Horstmann
Secretary: Hilary Elms

The Lambeth Walk
After a seven day 140 mile walk from Bath to London  four intrepid walkers arrive at Lambeth Palace to deliver by hand a letter to Archbishop Justin Welby inviting him to visit Bath to learn more about the Footprint Project for the restoration of Bath Abbey.  BBTA committee member Jeremy Key-Pugh (hatless) is second from the left

BBTA Annual Dinner
15 Oct 2015
at the Rising Sun

Book from Braunschweig
Our first “Book from Braunschweig”, entitled “Altes Land”, arrived in Bath at the end of July.  The novel is the first work by Dörte Hansen, a native of Husum, and is set in the area of that name in Lower Saxony, bordering the Elbe and Hamburg.  The region and its old farm houses are as much characters in the novel as are the people, who are described sympathetically, but without undue sentimentality. The central characters are Vera, who as a child survived the trek from Eastern Germany in 1945, and her niece Anne, who seeks refuge with her aunt after separating from her child’s father. The novel shows how change affects the lives of all in the community.  The author’s use of dialect phrases reflects her own background and her interest in languages, and is used to great effect to define characters and the setting.  “Altes Land” is now available on loan from Bath Central Library.
Judy Spencer

City of Bath Petanque Club
2015 Twinning Association Challenge
 26 June 2015
Aix en Provence, Alkmaar, Braunschweig and Kaposvar Twinning Associations competed today. Peter of the BKTA winning team with the trophy. The Braunschweig team were in joint third place.

What’s on in Braunschweig


The weather this summer turns out to be very unreliable in Braunschweig. We had a very hot weekend with temperatures up to almost 40 degrees but only for a short time, followed by severe thunderstorms causing a lot of damage to cars, houses and trees.

Anyway, people in Braunschweig are enjoying lots of summer events such as festivals, concerts and open-air festivities. We are happy that the numerous strikes (postmen, kindergarten teachers, train drivers) are over.

Members of the DEG are looking forward to their visit to Bath participating in the Pétanque competition.

Best wishes for everyone, good luck and a happy reunion of good friends.

Katrin Landsmann (DEG)



If you would like to practise your German in a friendly informal atmosphere over a ‘Kaffe und Kuchen’ come to the Stammtisch –  every Wednesday throughout the year between midday and 1:00pm, in the upstairs room at Cafe Retro, 18 York Street, Bath (by Bog Island).

40 years ago …..

The Bath Society of Young Musicians, founded in the early seventies, gave their first concert led by David Lord in Braunschweig in 1976.  I took over in 1978 and led the BSYM on three more exchange visits. Now known as the B&NES Society of Young Musicians it continues to thrive and rehearses every Saturday morning at Hayesfield School


George Odam.


Did you know?

Der Braunschweiger Loewe
According to legend,  Henry Duke of Bavaria and Saxony, whilst on pilgrimage, came across a fight between a lion and a dragon. Henry helped the lion slay the dragon and the faithful lion accompanied Henry back home. After Henry’s death in 1195 the lion died of grief. The people of Braunschweig  then erected a statue in the lion’s honour. A replica stands on the Burgplatzin front of the castle in the centre of the city. The original is in the castle.

Individual Exchange visits:
are you interested in visiting Braunschweig?
perhaps staying with a family in Braunschweig?
and maybe inviting them to stay with you in Bath?
Contact Treve Erdmenger at the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft (DEG) Braunschweig
(link above)

Book of Plans, Hopes and Dreams

This book is the work of 52 writers from Germany, the UK and beyond. They came together in 2014 to answer a call for contributions for work which would link people who lived in 1914 with those who might be alive in 2114.
The book is now available at the Bath Central Library

(see also website under quick links above)

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