Prelude to Frau Barbara Heck’s talk.

By on Mar 12, 2014

As a prelude to Frau Barbara Heck’s talk to our members of the BBTA,  on 25th March, details are given below of an excellent German “Youtube” video which can be viewed by clicking on the address below:- (It has the tendency unfortunately, to be somewhat tempermental & does not always open up, but returning to it later, usually has a successful outcome.) http://youtu.be/XkYFW-2wGgk

My car is my castle – A tribute to “Hermann” Chairman Bryan’s beloved Trabi.

By on Mar 9, 2014

Chairman Bryan’s regular mode of transport is a venerable East German 2-Stroke 1973 Trabant, which was barn-stored for sixteen years before being purchased by  Bryan for £1.50p!  “Hermann” as he is affectionately known, has recently had to undergo an extensive M.O.T. but is now climbing the steepest of hills around Bath (there are some seven), once again, with ease. So when the following article appeared in a recent edition of the Braunschweiger Zeitung, it cried out to be translated. “Wir sollten es nicht so zumüllen.“ Susanne Jasper fährt eineMüllkippe auf vier Rädern. Wenn man ein Kind bekommt, sind die Vorsätze zahllos. Es mag jetzt vielleicht ein bisschen läppisch klingen, aber wir nahmen uns unter anderem auch vor, dass unser Auto nicht zu einer rollenden Butterkeksdose verkommen sollte. Es muss doch möglich sein, eine Autofahrtohne Dauermampferei zu...

Trees under attack in Queen Square, Bath.

By on Mar 8, 2014